Aires de Tango

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Aires de Tango is quite simply an exceptional spectacle of dance, sound and visual effects.

Using the unifying thread of Argentine tango, Aires de Tango uses dance to explore the complexity and variety of human feelings, passing from passion to comedy to joy to tragedy.
The elegance and sensuality of Argentine tango is a constant theme throughoutThe intermingling of dance, voice, music, and cinema provide the audience with a continually changing and stimulating experience.
The uniqueness of this project comes from the collaboration of artists from the world of dance, sound and cinema who combine their talents to produce a ground-breaking work which is unique in its genre.

An intercultural collection of artists

A Tango production by Eguimodanz Company
The production team brings together the talent of professionals from Argentina, Germany and Belgium.

Aires de Tango Team

Duration: 1h05
Dancers Performers : Dante & Monik Dominguez
Directed by : Leandro Kees, Dante & Monik Dominguez
Collaboration : The Riches Claires Theatre
Audio-visual creation : Martin Rascher
Video : Pipo Tafel
Set and light : Charlotte Plissart
Costumes : Ligia Bumbu

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