Cie Eguimondanz

  Eguimodanz Company


Created in 2007 wishes to mix different art forms such as dance,
circus, theater, music, plastic and audiovisual. 

Ever since, this desire matured and saw itself concretised especially when sharing with other personnalities, from here and elsewhere, giving birth to several projects.

  • « Soledad » choreography for two dancers.
  • « Tango y Aparte »  Tango Dance and Theater.
  •  ” Ensemble Astoria”Tango Repertoire choreography accompanied by the music of Astor Piazzolla  
  •  Tango Tour in Argentina
  • « Zum Cabaret » Cabaret performance.
  •  The International Argentinian Tango Day in Brussels.
  •  Organisation of  regulars Tango bal  in collaboration with Grand Casino Brussels and La Tentation.
  •   »Aires de Tango » New Show ,tango & video ( cie eguimodanz & Performing Group)

The Eguimodanz Company also works with many partners such as:

Muziekpublique asbl  (Théâtre Molière)
La Tentation (Cultural Galego center of Brussels)
Embassy of Argentina in Belgium
L’Ensemble Astoria (Tango group )
La Cie du Plat-Pays (Theatre,circus and dance)
Cultural Ministry of Argentina
Selection of Tango from Argentina
Espace Hay (Centre Cultural Armenien )